"There is a time when bodies are read, a time when secrets and fantasies are no longer safe in your head." Horned Man takes you into a world of poetic rituals where the line between fantasy and reality becomes very thin. The lie is often more beautiful than the truth. The main attributes are the thoughts of the spectators, which each time are inexplicably unraveled. Suggestion and nonverbal communication are there stronger than we dare to believe. Where does public space stop and intimate space begin when we talk about reading and manipulating thoughts and actions? This performance explores the old and new systems that show the pursuit of the supernatural. Or that express a future reality where psychology and neurology allow us to read and manipulate the other person's thoughts. With the philosophy that tells us that chance does not exist and everything is already predestined, he creates visual and poetic performance installations in which each time, surprisingly and incomprehensibly, the free choice turns out not to be a free choice. The spectators, who take on an active role, thereby enter an inexplicably surreal experience. This "non-reality" forms a new reality in which Kurt Demey's poetic world emerges.