"What if we reveal to you what is normally hidden?"


Ever dreamed of becoming a mentalist? Knowing what someone else is thinking and unleashing the full potential of your brain? We can help you out.

Ever feel like you could do more with your brain? That you could push psychological and physical boundaries if only given the chance? Cerebro helps you with your personal development in an exciting and interactive performance.

You learn your limits through a challenge, a game, a conversation, yet also a warning...


What if you become the mentalist? What if you are able to do more than you ever dreamed?

What if you allow that experience to take place?


Cerebro is an international performance based on an idea by Matthieu Villatelle in a production by mentalist Kurt Demey. In Flanders, Kurt Demey himself takes the stage to open your eyes.


What is the origin of our convictions?

Why do we trust other people?


What if we were to undermine all of that in this unique experience?

Inspiration sources:


Jean-Marie Abgrall - La Méchanique des sectes (2002)

Jean-Pierre Chantin - Des sectes dans la France contemporaine - 1905-2000. Contestations ou innovations religieuses ? (2004)

Max Bouderlique - Les Groupes sectaires totalitaires - Les méthodes d'endoctrinement (2008)

David Shariatmadari - Deconstructing indoctrination (2009)

John Dower - My Scientology Movie (2015)

Tour dates





11 March 2022



Kaleidoscoop, Mortsel (BE)